The Saga of the

Fish Out of Water: SUBROC

The following artical is reprinted from the September 1967 issue of ALL HANDS Magazine.

BIG SHOT-- Subroc is moved for loading aboard the USS Plunger (SSN 595).

Subroc is a very strange fish indeed.

It's a hybrid: half missile, half torpedo. It's for sinking enemy subs. It's fast, it's long-range, it's deadly and it's a standard weapon aboard most U. S. nuclear attack submarines.

The killer sub has always had several advantages over other types of ASW units. It can operate effectively in all weather conditions; it can operate undetected in forward enemy-controlled waters; it can transit in the deep sonar channel, thus enhancing its listening capability; and has the inherent qualities of stealth and surprise to take advantage of any tactical situation.

Subroc is about the length and diameter of a standard torpedo. It was designed this way so that it could be ejected from a submarine tube.

Once fired, the weapon clears the ship and then the solid fuel rocket motor ignites. After breaking the surface the booster accelerates to a predetermined altitude and speed before separating from the payload and tumbling back into the sea.

Subroc breaks the surface.

The explosive device continues its flight, without power. It describes a ballistic course, descends, reenters the sea and detonates.

A direct hit is not necessary.

Rocket separates from warhead.

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