Submarine Silhouettes

From time to time I have gone looking for silhouettes and other shapes of submarines. Frankly, I haven't found much out there. When I see the first silhouette I put on Ron Martini's page show up on other pages I can only gather others are finding the same problem. I offer a selection here of various submarine images I have made for your use. I only ask the you include a link to this page near the image on your page.
Ric Hedman

Target Shapes

The following Shapes are from Larry "Doc" Derouin

The following silhouette was sent to me by Ron Durling
It is a Tang Class submarine in silhouette and cross section.

If you use any of these images, please link back to this page.   I made most of the images my self so I know they are copyright free.   As far as I know all submitted images are as well.  If you know an image is copyright and permission hasn't been obtained, please let me know and I will remove it.
If you are submitting copyright images please secure permissions first and give the owners name and his/her/their permission as well as yours.

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