A Brief Trip Down Memory Lane

This is a shot of the escape training tower at Pearl Harbor...it is filled with 100 feet of water. All submariners are trained to make "buoyant ascents", with no breathing devices, from submarines in one of these towers. The deepest a person can make an ascent without air is around 600 feet.

I can't believe I was ever this young, and so much hair. I think I had this taken for Christmas presents for the family in the fall of 1967.

This is a shot taken inside the sub barracks at Pearl Harbor. Note how "regulation" I'm dressed. No undershirt, long hair, and hat is worn in the "proper" manner to be "cool".

This is Radioman Cheif Petty Officer Harry Coaker standing diving officer watch at sea.. The Captain was having Chiefs trained as Diving Officers. Harry is wearing his "Airborne" wings for his many broaches at periscope depth. Harry also has the distinction of being the only member of the orginal commissioning crew. Harry was assigned to all 3 pre-com crews.

How many of you recognize this? When we visited Japan this is want we were suppose to use on the beach. The Japanese didn't really like it. They would have rather had real US Dollars.

This is my Golden Dragon Card. We got this when we crossed the International Date Line. Actually, we had crossed it before but this was the only time we could acknowledge it because we had to pull into Guam to replace a broken periscope. I was after we finished this patrol we also went to Japan, so the whole world knew we had crossed the date line anyway.

My Two Weeks As Diesel Boat Sailor

.( May 1969, Reserve Duty ) Ships Patch for the USS Cusk SS348. This is what real Submarining is about guys! What a great time and greater folks!

( May 1969, Reserve Duty ) This is me with my late cousin Loyal Day. Loyal was a WW II Submariner. I believe he was Stationed aboard the USS Sea Lion SS 195 at Cavite when the Japanese bombed it. I know he was on either the Sea Lion or the Sea Dragon. both were at Cavite during the bombing.

( May 1969, Reserve Duty ) Here I am making a little, (very little), music. My cousin Loyal Day took me to this party in San Diego and a good time was had by all I assure you, judging by the headaches the next morning. We recovered in the WW II Submarine Veterans Hall with Bloody Mary's.

I have a bunch more pics, but I'll be damned if I can find them right now. I'll keep looking. Check back and see if I have found any of them.

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