The Building of FLASHER

This photo is the laying of the keel. April 15th, 1961.
Flasher was the 10th hull laid down in the Permit (Thresher) class building program.


So after a long time and lots of welding rod comes the big day, June 22th, 1963. 

Each Navy vessel has a sponsor. Ours was Mrs. Paul B. Fay Jr, wife of the Under Secretary of the Navy. She christened Flasher.

Flasher's joy was short lived. The sad note was that on April 10th, 1963 our sister ship and the leader of the class, the USS Thresher SSN 593 had sank, taking all hands with her. Flasher was tied up and the process of becoming the first "Sub Safed" fast attack was begun. All of you who enjoyed her crews "rec" area, after nine man berthing space and the laundry room can be thankful for the 14 feet added during this process. Of a note: This was a "simultaneous" launching, at that time the nations only twin nuclear launching.

You can't see her, but the USS Tecumseh (SSBN 628) is being launched off the picture to the right, (I have seen the whole picture once that has both boats in it). Flasher is carrying on a tradition. The 249 was also a "twin launch" I was told.

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