Commissioning Day Commemorative Items

This is the Plank Owners Certificate we all got when the Flasher was Commissioned on 22 July, 1966. It is far to big to scan the whole thing.

This is my portion of the deck.This is reported to be a portion of the deck from the USS FlasherSS 249 pulled up when she was scrapped in 1963. Since the new submarines don't have wooden decks any longer this was given in place of decking from the 613 boat.

This is the Plank Owner Plaque for the Stewards Department. It hung in the Wardroom Pantry. Since I was the last Plank Owner Stewardsmate, I took it. There were only 6 plank owners left aboard when I left. Who ever the last one was got the big bronze plaque that hung in the crews mess.

Just about everybody smoked in those days, so the shipyard presented every crew member with an ashtray. These are cast Stainless Steel.

This is a cast bronze that the shipyard gave us of the ships patch.

This a cast bronze of the Flasher created by the shipyard and presented to the crew.

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