Welcome to the Crews Mess

This is/was the Crews Mess aboard the USS Flasher SSN 613.
Alas, she is no more. The cutters torches have reduced this home away from home refuge to a scrap metal heep.
The view is from the the crews recreation area, home of the perpetual underway poker game and the cause of more underway reinlistments. The Acey-Ducey games, and other un-official games of chance.

The crews mess was located starboard side of the second platform deck, mid ships compartment. The port side of this deck was occupied by "Officers Country". Four staterooms for the eleven officers who weren't the Captain or XO. The Officers Wardroom and Pantry was located there as well.

On the foreward bulkhead above the Chiefs Table hung the real Battle Flag for the USS Flasher SS 249 from WW II. After the war the crew had a glitzy silk flag made but this is the one that kept the totals while underway. We had to hide it back in the engine room when  the Japanese equivalent of the Secretary of defense toured us upon our arrival at Pearl Harbor and again when Flasher paid her first visit to Japan in the spring of 1968. Seems they were a tad touchy still about loosing the war they started.

Beyond  the bulkhead was the Scullery where the mess cooks washed the dishes and helped prepare food stuffs for the four meals served each and every day at sea. The Galley was just foreward of the Scullery.

Meals were served "family style" which meant that up to six men sat at each of the five tables and the food was placed on the table in bowls or on plates and the men served themselves. It was the mess cooks job to see that any empty plates or bowls were refilled. The rule on submarines is "all the food you want any time you wanted it"( if it wasn't a meal time you could fix what you wanted so long as you cleaned up your own mess and weren't interfering with  the operations of the duty cook ).

The table next to the foreward bulkhead, as I stated, was the Chiefs Table. No one who wasn't a chief petty officer could sit there during meals or movies. The movie screen hung from the overhead just in  front of  the battle flag. You can see it in the photo below as the bright colored line just above the flag.

Crewsmess photo  contributed by Edmund Mattran, STS1(SS).

Directly above the Crews Mess was Sonar, the Captain and XO's head and the Captains stateroom. The XO's stateroom was on the port side opposite the Captains stateroom.

Below the Crews Mess was the starboard bank of torpedo tubes and about 10 reloads.


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